Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hannah's Bucket List 1.0

My pals and I at Folkehøgskole have been talking about life, old age and death. Some 2 am discussions included how we want to die and what we would like to do in our old age. As an old lady I would like to work at an op shop, knit, make marmalade, and take the occasional outing to a night club just to scare the young folk. Of course if I am a spinster I will live with Alex Taucher in an old wooden house in Fremantle too. As for my death, I would either like to die really peacefully i.e. in my sleep or really epicly, like being eaten by a lion or attacked by a kangaroo. At least my friends and family would have a cool story to tell people. My friends and I have even decided to be written into each others wills. I get Sigrunn's hand knitted beanie if she dies before me. She will get my computer. Let me know if you would also like to have some of my stuff.

Have you noticed how I love to make lists? Here is a list of some of the things I would like to do before I die. My list is here to be added to, hence the one point zero. Please tell me if you think there is something I should add.

  1. Learn to knit socks. 
  2. Do the splits. And sod it, if I can learn to do the spilts I can learn to do a bend back too.
  3. Get my scuba divers licence. Then go diving at Ningaloo.
  4. Visit the salt planes of Bolivia and take eye deceiving perpective photographs.
  5. Smoke a cuban cigar in Cuba.
  6. Streak down a street.
  7. Learn to make nalesniki. Polish pancakes with cottage cheese filling.
  8. Take a boat through the Amazon.
  9. Make the perfect pad thai with Alex M.
  10. Make the perfect cupcake with Alex T.
  11. Make the perfect cheesecake marble brownie with Ella.
  12. Make the perfect boller with mor mor.
  13. Become a rosetta master. Thats the fern shape on top of a flat white.
  14. Own a house.
  15. Be a mother.
  16. Name my son Macchiato.
  17. Have a vege patch.
  18. Help my community in a significant way.
  19. Fall in love. That would be SO sad if I died without falling in love.
  20. Make my own jam from my fruit trees.
  21. Go back to Morocco and take a road trip with Laura, Daniel and Alex.
  22. Take a cooking course in Thailand.
  23. Learn how make Chinese steamed pork buns.
  24. Own a shiny red mix master, and use it to make hummus, red velvet cupcakes, and chocolate caramel slice.
  25. Set up a couple.Then they get married. Then getting the honour of being the godmother to their first child.
  26. Drive across Australia.
  27. Save up for an SLR camera. Then buy one. Then take a photography class.
  28. Take my SLR on safari in South Africa. Or any other African country.

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  1. hehehe h.bonanah...i think its an SLR camera...what about dancing lessons? go paragliding slash skydiving. show something in an art gallery. and sod the splits what about cartwheels? XD love