Friday, April 29, 2011

An awesome person I know: Eirin

Time for another instalment of "An awesome person I know" profiling the most awesome people I have met at folkehøyskole. Next up is Eirin. She is awesome. Among many fine traits, I admire Eirin for having the perfect balance of being mature when needed but creating simple childhood fun as often as possible. The examples are endless.

1) Eirin was responsible for discovering the "double rainbow" song on youtube and choregraphing a dance to it to perform in front of the whole school. Listen and watch here:

2) When Eirin had water poured over her head as a prank she wanted revenge. She decided to steal the clothes of the offending pranksters, and row five big garbage bags them out to an island in the middle of a lake. Then posters were hung around the school giving clues to where the offenders could find their clothes.

3) Eirin is a big Harry Potter, and has created a muggle version of quiditch using hockey sticks, hand balls and garbage bags instead of brooms.

4) One evening Eirin's class had to dress up as old people. She took the task the whole way and spent the whole evening in a office chair with wheels and spoke about her imaginary grandchildren.

5) She along with Ingvild and Mallin created the school's best leisure club; The cordial club.

6) Eirin can often be spotted drinking cordial out of a lion king cup and listing to the lion king soundtrack. "He lives in you!"

Glad i deg Eirin!

Famlie Vik Bakkens gulrotkake i.e. The best carrot cake

I must say, I have never been a huge fan of carrot cake. Carrots and cake just don't seem a natural mouth watering combination. This week my attitude towards those long orange things in cake have changed. Ingrid's family recipe is the best carrot cake I have tasted. The carrots provide moisture, bouncyness, and all round cake texture perfectness, but it's the icing which takes the cake. This vanilla cream cheese icing; I could happily drown in it. 

Deig/ Batter
4 egg
3 dl farin/ sugar
3 kveitemjøl/ flour
2 ts natron/ baking soda
2 ts kanel/ cinnamon
1 ts salt
1 ts vanilje sukker/ vanilla essence
1.5 dl soyaolje/ soya oil
4-5 dl rå gulrot/ raw carrots

Piskast til eggedosis egg og farin/ cream butter and sugar
Ha i det tørre/ mix in the dry ingredients
Ta i olje og gulrot til slutt/ mix in the oil and carrots

150 c i ca. 60 minutt (til kanten losnar litt)/ bake for 1 hr at 150 c or until the cake is a little loose around the edges.

Krem/ Super dooper sensationally tasty icing
100g philadelfiaost/ cream cheese
1 ts vanilje sukker/ vanilla essence
125g melis/ icing sugar
50g mjukt smør/ soft butter

Extra tip: scatter the bottom of the baking tin with dark chocolate chips. Yum.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Sigrunn and I are in Sogndal visiting Ingrid during our Easter break. Sogndal is a small town on the west coast of Norway. It's  famous for being located on one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. The town of 9000 lays in a valley with snowcapped mountains and a a long winding fjord. SO beautiful! It is also the home to Lerum, Norway's best brand of jam and cordial. Ingrid can almost smell the jam being made from the factory down the road.

This is Ingrid's adorable dog Mira.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Stress Less

Folkehøgskole is about the most stress free environment on earth. 
Still I love these tips on how to stress less.  

found via Miss Moss from Stay Fancy Free

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awesome person I know: Mallin

Mallin is awesome. Mallin is fierce.
Cool facts about Mallin:

  • She like Ingvild is a cordial ambassador; one of the founding members of the schools cordial club. She also quite likes boller, and has been a strong supporter of my boller club.
  • Like Sigrunn, Mallin can laugh for a really long time. Last night she laughed at a video of a old man in a dressing gown for a lot longer than necessary.
  • Mallin likes travelling, she studies "Travel life" here at Agder Folkehøgskole. Last week she was in Poland and right now she is travelling to Spain. Jealous! 
  • Mallin is one of the only people at school who knows how to play backgammon, I would really take advantage of this and play a little more often. 
  • Mallin is a big fan of sex and the city and everytime we go out she orders cosmopolitains.
  • Mallin's favourite food is her Mum's homemade pizza. 
  • I made Mallin try vegemite and she thought it tasted quite alright.
  • Mallin lives in a place called Tau which translates to "rope". 
Mallin, jeg er glad i deg!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ice Bathing

Wooo I did it! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An awesome person I know: Ane

Ane enjoys an icy pole on a warm spring day

Ane is awesome. She looks pretty hardcore; she is tall, has half her head shaved, septum pierced and often wears black. She doesn't care what other people think of her, she likes to make fun of bimbos, and people who dirty dance. Although Ane would make a fantastic dirty dancer, she has all the moves!

One on Ane's greatest loves is music, she loves to steal concert posters. Even from her own friends rooms. Huhem! Apart from introducing me to stealing she has also been the person to introduce me to heaps of awesome Norwegian music. Ane is also a big fan of John Butler, and would marry him if he wasn't already married. If it wasn't for Ane I wouldn't have been to so many amazing concerts and learnt about unsuspectingly good Norwegian music, and have cool concert posters on my wall.

Ane has some softer sides too.
For example, Ane has been an inspiration for my love of boller baking. She is a bit of a pro when it comes to boller, she can roll cinnamon scrolls better than anyone I know. She made me the best vanilla boller for my birthday. Mind blowing! I have to make them for all my Australian friends when I get home. She is also a bit of a homemaker. She shares a room with Sigrunn and is really good at creating a cosy, homely atmosphere. She has been collecting cutlery and kitchen wears for years, waiting for the day she has her own house. So cute! Ane is also unhardcore when it comes to vomitting. She can never remember vomiting in her life, and refuses to be near vomitting, even if it's just taking about or if it's on tv. We all find it hilarious.

Ane du er top!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The ice is melting

I love how distinct each season is here. Each week I can feel a distinct change in the weather as we move into a new and exciting season. Before we know it there will be  spring flowers and swimming in the lake again. I'll wait until the ice has melted a little more before I take a dip, Johan on the other hand couldn't.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yet another reason to support the consumption of Norwegian chocolate...

I have fallen in easter egg love.
Milk chocolate eggs filled with fluffy white chocolate mousse. Not only are they ridiculously delicious, they come in the cutest purple egg carton along with little yolk coloured spoons and retro yellow foil. I'm sure could import these to Australia and make millions.