Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Freo, It's Gino's.

Fremantle is Perth's colourful little brother. A half an hour drive from Perth, it is famous for cappuccinos, chilli muscles, it's port (+dock, +sailors, +boats), and relaxed atmosphere. Gino's is an old and very well known cafe situated right in the heart of Fremantle. It was started in 1984 by a first generation Italian-Australian tailor who was sick of drinking terrible coffee. It became "the place" to go for good coffee. People still think of Gino's when they think of Fremantle, but these days the coffee is nothing to talk about.  It does however take the prize for "Best place to people watch in Fremantle". It's location is provides the best outlook for people walking from the restaurants to the bars, shops, nightclubs. So despite the coffee being a little bitter, I prefer to sit at Gino's and watch the lovely people of Fremantle, then drink good coffee while facing a wall. Gino's is also cafe of choice for older Italian men. They congregate to read the newspaper, drink espresso, wave their arms in the air and offer cigarettes to old friends. Man this place has charm. Other things I like; the parmesan is grated at the table, the cake slices are ginnormous, and if they accidentally make too much iced chocolate, they will give you two glasses. It's unpretentious, it's Freo, it's Gino's.

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