Monday, May 31, 2010

First catch of the day.

I tried to start a blog before. I failed. This one was was inspired by Tauchface over a pot of chai this afternoon. Lets see how it turns out... Two weeks away from exams; clearly the perfect time to start a blog!
In 30 days I will be heading to Norway, land of fisk (fish) and fjords. The aim is to learn the language, primarily so I can banter with my 89 year old grandmother. She is incredible. She lives on her own, in a big white house on a hill. There are strawberries and red currents with which she makes cordial and jam. The garage houses 3 lawn mowers and no car. She walks 20 minutes to the shops to buy the groceries, and mows the sloped lawns all by herself. Some of her talents include knitting multicoloured socks and making the best cauliflower soup. EVER.
My grandfather was a real fisken fjorder, he would row out into the fjord to catch the family's dinner. My grandmother can therefore cook fish, every way possible. My Mum grew up eating fish 6 times a week, thats why she is so strong and crazy :) I am hypothesising that there is mercury in that fish. Maybe I will learn some of my grandmothers fishy secrets while I am there.
Until next time,
xxx Hannah the fisken fjorder

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  1. CAN I PLEASE COME STAY WITH YOU AND YOUR AWESOME GRANDMOTHER! it actually sounds like the best thing everrr :) and i LOVE cauliflower soup. therefore i think we would get along swimmingly! ps this is ella, just FYI