Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pho Ga Ra Ha Ha.

The Vietnamese do breakfast well. When Alex and I were travelling in Vietnam we would roll out of bed and cross the road to get our morning dose of Pho. I typed "pho" into google translate, it came up with "cheese". Um no. Pho is certainly not cheese, it is a uber tasty, brothy soup and i
s usually served as "pho ga" meaning chicken or "pho bo" meaning beef. For about $1 we got ourselves steaming bowl of pho ga. To the eye it looked boring and tasteless. To the taste buds it is a bloody taste sensation!
We sat next to the sidewalk of a bustling Ho Chi Minh street at colourful children's pastic tables, yeah cos thats how they roll in Vietnam. There were a selection of seasonings on the table. Hoysin sauce, chillis, bean sprouts, hot sauce, so yummy! To top the Vietnamese breakfast experience off we would order blended ice coffee from the cute little lady across the road. We yelled out "ice coffee" and she would run it over to us a minute later. Sickly sweet, but super delicious.
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xxx Hannah
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