Monday, November 29, 2010

A Guide to Norwegian Chocolate

Norway is cold and wet. Therefore the grass is green. Green grass is sweeter, juicier, and more nutritional. Nutritional food means healthy cows. Healthy cows make for the best quality milk.

Better milk= Better chocolate.

Here is a run down on the best Norwegian chocolates. Along with the cheese, cream and icecream, chocolate is one of the foods Norway can really be proud of. If you ever come to Norway, or if you are already in Norway, or if you have a friend living in Norway, or if you have a friend on holiday in Norway or if you have a friend of a friend of a friend with a great uncle visiting Norway on a bussiness trip THEN maybe you will be lucky enough to try them for yourselves and tell me which is your favourite.

I was also lucky enough to find a  Norwegian model at the supermarket to model all these chocolates. Her name is Ingrid. Isn't she cute!

You thought Daim was Swedish? Well think again.
Bamse Mums

Kvik Lunch
The Norwegain version of a KitKat. Creamier chocolate, flakier wafer and I love the retro green and red packages. In fact I think it's my personal favourite. Ingrid thinks it is boring, probably because it is the number one treat Norwegian parents bribe their children with, when they are out cross country skiing. Many Norwegains are sick of it.

The basic everyday milk chocolate block. A step above cadbury dairy milk.  When in doubt bring the melkskjololade out.


This is my Mum's favourite. She brings packets of them home every time she travels to Norway. It is made up of three layers. First is a soft raspberry jelly, then truffle then marzipan.

Teddybear shaped marshmallows covered in milk chocolate.

Kvikk Lunsj
Hard toffee covered in milk chocolate. Perhaps you have seen it for sale at IKEA. You thought it came from Sweden, well actually it is Norwegian. My Mum makes the most delicious Daim ice cream cake.

The Norwegian version of a areo. Except this chocolate has a dancing cow as it's mascot. How can you resist a dancing cow?

So there we have it. Maybe I will have to give a run down of the yoghurt and cheese too. Dairy in Norway is soo good!

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