Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Favourtie Christmas Traditions

1. A Homemade Advent Calendar
In Australia, an advent calendar is a cardboard box bought from the shops, with a piece of plasticy bad quality chocolate for each day in December. In Norway advent calenders have a lot more heart. Often they are home made, and each day is a small present.

2. Dancing around the christmas tree!
Holding hands with all your friends and family and dancing around the Christmas tree in your finest clothes is such a cosy tradition and is so much fun. Why don't we do this in Australia!

3. Gingerbread House
It is such a satisfying feeling to make dough, bake walls, a roof and a chimney, then stick them together and decorate. Adding small details, like tiles on the roof, pavers made from liquorice and little gingerbread men inside are my favourite. It is tradition in Norway to smash it on New Years Eve.

4. Baking
Christmas is the perfect excuse to go mad in the kitchen. In Norway it's tradition to bake 7 different cakes at Christmas. Insane! My favourite things to bake at Christmas are fruit mince pies, kransekake dripped in chilli chocolate, pavlova, gingerbread and krumkake.

5. Gløgg
This is the Norwegain tradition of making a sweet, spiced cordial with nuts and rasins in it. It is heated, and can be mixed with red wine to make it even tastier. You must eat gingerbread when you drink gløgg.

6. Picnic on Port beach
When in Perth we take a trip to the beach on christmas day. Picnic basket is in hand and filled with champagne, strawberries, cheese and crackers. Life doesn't get much better.

7. Norwegain Rice Porridge
It is a common tradition in Norway to have rice porridge for lunch on Christmas eve. What makes it SO special however is that an almond is hidden in the porridge. The family member who finds the almond wins a marzipan pig. The leftovers are made into rice cream and served with red currant syrup, which is almost better than rice porridge itself.

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