Thursday, July 21, 2011

First impressions of Perth

I arrived back in Perth 5am this mid winter morning to a comfortable 10 degrees. You call this winter Perth?! Where are the icy roads and woollen underwear? Then I saw that the number plates have started to start with the letter "D", finally moved past the letter "C", where they have been stuck for several years. The skyline has a new building which adds/ blocks the view, not sure if I like it yet. The local supermarket has a new deli section that sells espresso coffee? Interesting. I am sceptical and intrigued to taste it. Australians talk a load of rubbish. We use the words "like", "kind of", "honestly" and "literally" WAY too much, they make us sound stupid. Curtin University has new "filtered" water fountains, especially so we can save the environment; exciting stuff. There were a lot of old vegetables in the fridge. I threw them away. Nothing has really changed. 

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