Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 21st Alex

21 things I love about Alex

  1. she makes an amazing roasted vege cous cous salad
  2. she can run faster than I can ride a bike
  3. she is a master at abusing Chilean taxi drivers when they try to scam her
  4. she introduced me to the Cambodian seafood hotpot and Vietnamese poh
  5. she tried to make me run away from school when I was 8 to go her house and see a cat
  6. she converted me to a be a lover of the marmalade and vegemite on toast combination for breakfast
  7. she loves an adventure
  8. she works hard
  9. she is good at putting out fires made by 21 year old stoves
  10. her family is super cool and sweet
  11. she is an experts on worms
  12. she writes long awesome letters on colourful paper with glitter
  13. she likes manzanas jugosas
  14. she loves red lipstick
  15. she appreciates good coffee and good foam
  16. she disapproves of drug dealers in Bolivian prisons
  17. she wears havianas in the middle of European winters
  18. she did an amazing project on Haile Gebrselassie in year 5
  19. she can made uber delicious homemade chai
  20. she smells of Miss Dior Cherie
  21. we'll always be friends, even after arguing about water and washing

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