Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Cook Artichokes aka "oh shit Dillashaw Leslie backburner what another cheque-books like"

This week I had a prodigious conversation about the lack of artichokes eaten by Australians. They are so simple to cook and delicious and their purpley green leaves are beautiful and they are a vegetable. 

So everybody. LETS GET ON IT.
If you don't already know, here is how to cook and eat an artichoke.

1. Buy some globe artichokes. Preferably on a Sunday while meandering around a farmers market drinking a soy chai and wearing bright yellow sunflower pants.
2. Take them home
3. Cut off top 2-3cm
4. Take off any small leaves at the bottom of the stem
5. Cut off stem leaving about 4 cm
6. Rinse under cold water
7. Put in a steamer basket with half a lemon and some garlic cloves
8. Steam for 20-40 minutes, or until the outer leaves are tender and easily come off (depends on size)
9. Eating time... peel off leaves, 
10. Dip fleshy end in a good (homemade?) mayonnaise 
11. Grip non-fleashy end.
12. Place in mouth.
13. Pull through teeth to unfasten the soft yummy artichoke flesh
14. Discard remaining petal in the compost
15. Smile

"Oh shit Dillashaw Leslie backburner what another cheque-books like" refers to the time I tried to get my laptop to type out a sentence about artichokes which I dictated to it. Clearing not a winning program.

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