Monday, September 20, 2010

How I miss Aust-RAH-lia.

I miss Triple J.
I miss dates with Alex squared.
I miss Yum Cha.
I miss Kakulas Brothers.
I miss sunsets and fish and chips Cott.
I miss New Edition book shop.
I miss my coffee machine.
I miss going out for coffee.
I miss King Street cake.
I miss Saturday mornings at the Greenhouse.
I miss watching Skins on the Wikis couch.
I miss the Fremantle hobos.
I miss admiring the city skyline while riding across Canning Bridge.
I miss waffle breakfasts.
I miss the wit of Ella.
I miss Jus Burgers.
I miss having a big kitchen to cook in.
I miss the sofas of Moore and Moore.
I miss pots of soy chai with honey.
I miss wearing 80s clothes to the Norfolk basement.
I miss Sunday mornings at Il Lido with Ron and gang.
I miss pad thai.