Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saft Kveld På Dagen.

The fantastic thing about Fokehøgskole is that you get to spend time doing the things you love. Whatever your passion, there is time to embrace it. For three girls at Agder Folkehøgskole that passion was cordial. Mallin, Eirin and Ingvild went to the local shop and bought cordial. Then they experimented with mixing different cordials and created "cordial cocktails". They were so delicious that they couldn't keep the cordial mixing secret to themselves. They had to start a club so that all the kiddies at Agder Folkehøgskole could embrace the joy that cordial brought them.
So was born "SAFT KVELD PÅ DAGEN"....
They placed a sign up sheet on the school pin up board, tens of students excitedly wrote their name, class and favourite cordial.
Then came 5.30pm Thursday. It was time for saft kveld på dagen to begin. There was orange, apple, blueberry, blackberry and homebrand red cordial. As an initiation to the cordial club you had to do a full strength shot of the cordial of your choice. Then the cordial mixing experimentation began. The possibilities are were endless, but the favourite was blackberry mixed with homebrand and a dash of lemon.
After some time drinking our favourite cordial mixes we played some cordial team sport. We had to run between cups of cordial, then pick up the last cup with only our mouth, drink it without our hands, then crawl under the football goals and run back to our team. The winning team won cordial icey poles.
Next time at saft kveld, there are plans to see who can drink the most cordial before needing the toilet, as well as testing whether people really run faster after drinking red cordial. Then are plans for a Christmas version of "Saft kveld på dagen" whereby we drink mulled cordial, known as gløgg in Norwegian. Do you have ideas for saft kveld på dagen? Visit the official blog: http://huleboerne.blogg.no/

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