Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I love Folkehøgskole.

1. The teachers chiwawa comes with us on study trips.
Her name is Carmelitta, and she is adorable. 

2. We play hide and seek in the forrest after midnight.
And drink Australian shiraz in the forrest after midnight.

3. We have a cordial drinking club.
We mix cordial, we take shots. We are hardcore.

4. We kill each other with socks and spoons.
The game is known as assasin. Everyone playing gets given another players name. The aim of the game is to "kill" your victim, and then kill their victim, until you are the only one left and therefore you are "The Assasin". Weapons include throwing balls of socks and touching people with spoons.

5. We eat tacos for dinner.
Folkehøgskole food is suprisingly awesome, and the highlight so far would have to be last Saturdays Tacos and that amazing apple crumble. 

6. We sing a song from our big blue song book every morning.
There is nothing like the sound of 100 out of tune teenagers singing at 9am.

7. The teachers have a sense of humour.
For example: It was our teachers idea today to go around taking photos of people sleeping and then show the photos at morning assembly. I'll let you know how that goes down.

8. There is unlimited free trade filter coffee.
Sadly this a year without long macs. Norwegian filter coffee however is great! It is always available, and for that I will return to Australia with caffeine poisoning.

9. Bente's home made prim.
Bente is one of the cooks in the kitchen. She melts brown cheese and mixes it with vanilla sugar, golden syrup and milk. If you are ever in Norway you have to try it!

10. Friends are never far.
If your lonely, all you have to do is go to the living room. There your sure to find someone who is up for a game of cards or table tennis.

11. We get eaten alive by a blue potato.
A game played in the dark, where one person is a blue potato and everyone else has to run away from it.

12. We count toilets.
There are 44 toilets at Agder Folkehøgskole. Which means there are 2.8 people per toilet. Yes, we found the time and energy to walk around the school and count the toilets.

13. I have the time to test out my grandmas recipes.
I shall be a professional raisin bun and cinnamon bun baker by the end of the year.

14. 1 in 3 girls knit.
Here I was thinking I was the only person who had brought knitting needles to Folkhøgskole!

15. Sex and the city marathons.
Enough said.

16. We get to wake up to an amazing view.
See photo above. It's so beautiful here. We also get to run around the lake, as well as go swimming and canoeing.

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