Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Edvard Grieg's House

A few Mondays ago, we were on a long minbus trip home from a very exciting trip to Florø.  On our 12 hour dive home we got to visit composer extraordinaire Mr Edvard Grieg's  summer house. I had heard about Edvard Grieg, I have listened to his music, but I am not an extreme fanatic. Until NOW! Edvard Grieg is fricken awesome!

He was 152 cm high, had a sweet moustache, spent his days composing music, hanging out with Tchaikovsky and eating oysters. He even had a special 4 tier oyster holder. This man was cool. In his younger days he was a ginger. He studied at many schools including Tanks, the same school as Ingvild! He married his cousin. Who was 2cm taller than he was. Spent his winters wearing bow ties in Italy, France, Germany and Spain. In the summer he composed music in a small wooden cabin over looking an amazing fjord just 50m from his summer residence. It was there he took inspiration from Norwegian folk music and wrote songs such as Peer Gynt.

Proud to be Norwegian, proud to be Edvard Grieg's nationality.

The back porch of Eddie's house, complete with the rose stain glass window.

Eddie's pimping dining table with the sterling silver confectionary holder he received for his 60th birthday.

Our class is convinced that our American classmate Johan is Edvard Grieg's reincarnation. Johan is also pretty cool.

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