Thursday, February 24, 2011

Internasjonal in the Kitchen

Last week my class (the international class) threw a wedding for our two lovely American boys, Erik and Johan. Photos of the wedding are to follow, but here are some fun photos of the class preparing the menu for Saturday night.

For starters we made Russian caviar canapes and fake champagne. Our principal Reidar smuggled the caviar over the Norwegian boarder on his way back from Belarus! To the main course, prepared by the grooms we had marinated chicken, blue cheese mash potato, coleslaw and garden salad. We had two different cakes to dessert, firstly we had a Middle Eastern nut and apple juice cake made by Bisan (Palestine). Secondly and most impressively Vika (Belarus) and Achim (Germany) made a chocolate, vanilla, cream wedding cake. They took for 5pm til 11.30pm to complete the wedding cakes. Great job guys!

P.S The last two photos show the potato peeling machine we have in the school kitchen. How awesome! A machine that peels mass potatoes.

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