Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sigrunn and Hannah almost kill themselves

Last week Sigrunn and I went for a walk. We ventured out into the nature which we see every morning when we wake up and look out our windows. We are so lucky, to live in Søgne! It was such a beautiful sunny day, especially since it was the middle of Jaurary, (what the hell it's supposed to be the middle of winter!). Trying to walk down the hill from the school to the lake we almost killed ourselves. I thought it was a good idea to slide down the hill on my bum, but I ended up going at 1000km a second and smashed into a tree. I still have a massive bruise. All was not lost however. We ended up finding a sweet dang summer hut, complete with swing, trampoline, see saw and a beautiful view almost all the way to Denmark. When the weather gets warmer we are planning to take our beers and a portable BBQ and dive off their wooden deck into the ocean.

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