Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning walk in Bergen

Garfield! This is exactly the same cat Alex and I saw when we were in Bergen in October. He was still roaming the same street, begging for attention. Going to try and find him/her every time I am in Bergen from now on.
Take a trip to the klippoteque before you head to the discotheque. 

The idyllic lane ways
I hypothesise that this sticker was strategically stuck on a rubbish bin by a norwegian troll, so that people will throw their donuts, cheese burgers and baby back ribs in as they walk past. 
Bergen's famous Bryggen at sunrise.
This building is a restaurant, I was sure it was a museum or something a little more official.


  1. Happy 21st birthday, Hannah! Love Nicky, Don, Sonya and Danny.

  2. Wow! What a surprise to see my aunt comment on my blog! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had an amazing day. :)

  3. GARFIELD!! thanks H, beautiful pictures :D