Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awesome person I know: Mallin

Mallin is awesome. Mallin is fierce.
Cool facts about Mallin:

  • She like Ingvild is a cordial ambassador; one of the founding members of the schools cordial club. She also quite likes boller, and has been a strong supporter of my boller club.
  • Like Sigrunn, Mallin can laugh for a really long time. Last night she laughed at a video of a old man in a dressing gown for a lot longer than necessary.
  • Mallin likes travelling, she studies "Travel life" here at Agder Folkehøgskole. Last week she was in Poland and right now she is travelling to Spain. Jealous! 
  • Mallin is one of the only people at school who knows how to play backgammon, I would really take advantage of this and play a little more often. 
  • Mallin is a big fan of sex and the city and everytime we go out she orders cosmopolitains.
  • Mallin's favourite food is her Mum's homemade pizza. 
  • I made Mallin try vegemite and she thought it tasted quite alright.
  • Mallin lives in a place called Tau which translates to "rope". 
Mallin, jeg er glad i deg!

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