Sunday, April 3, 2011

An awesome person I know: Ane

Ane enjoys an icy pole on a warm spring day

Ane is awesome. She looks pretty hardcore; she is tall, has half her head shaved, septum pierced and often wears black. She doesn't care what other people think of her, she likes to make fun of bimbos, and people who dirty dance. Although Ane would make a fantastic dirty dancer, she has all the moves!

One on Ane's greatest loves is music, she loves to steal concert posters. Even from her own friends rooms. Huhem! Apart from introducing me to stealing she has also been the person to introduce me to heaps of awesome Norwegian music. Ane is also a big fan of John Butler, and would marry him if he wasn't already married. If it wasn't for Ane I wouldn't have been to so many amazing concerts and learnt about unsuspectingly good Norwegian music, and have cool concert posters on my wall.

Ane has some softer sides too.
For example, Ane has been an inspiration for my love of boller baking. She is a bit of a pro when it comes to boller, she can roll cinnamon scrolls better than anyone I know. She made me the best vanilla boller for my birthday. Mind blowing! I have to make them for all my Australian friends when I get home. She is also a bit of a homemaker. She shares a room with Sigrunn and is really good at creating a cosy, homely atmosphere. She has been collecting cutlery and kitchen wears for years, waiting for the day she has her own house. So cute! Ane is also unhardcore when it comes to vomitting. She can never remember vomiting in her life, and refuses to be near vomitting, even if it's just taking about or if it's on tv. We all find it hilarious.

Ane du er top!

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