Friday, April 29, 2011

Famlie Vik Bakkens gulrotkake i.e. The best carrot cake

I must say, I have never been a huge fan of carrot cake. Carrots and cake just don't seem a natural mouth watering combination. This week my attitude towards those long orange things in cake have changed. Ingrid's family recipe is the best carrot cake I have tasted. The carrots provide moisture, bouncyness, and all round cake texture perfectness, but it's the icing which takes the cake. This vanilla cream cheese icing; I could happily drown in it. 

Deig/ Batter
4 egg
3 dl farin/ sugar
3 kveitemjøl/ flour
2 ts natron/ baking soda
2 ts kanel/ cinnamon
1 ts salt
1 ts vanilje sukker/ vanilla essence
1.5 dl soyaolje/ soya oil
4-5 dl rå gulrot/ raw carrots

Piskast til eggedosis egg og farin/ cream butter and sugar
Ha i det tørre/ mix in the dry ingredients
Ta i olje og gulrot til slutt/ mix in the oil and carrots

150 c i ca. 60 minutt (til kanten losnar litt)/ bake for 1 hr at 150 c or until the cake is a little loose around the edges.

Krem/ Super dooper sensationally tasty icing
100g philadelfiaost/ cream cheese
1 ts vanilje sukker/ vanilla essence
125g melis/ icing sugar
50g mjukt smør/ soft butter

Extra tip: scatter the bottom of the baking tin with dark chocolate chips. Yum.

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