Friday, April 29, 2011

An awesome person I know: Eirin

Time for another instalment of "An awesome person I know" profiling the most awesome people I have met at folkehøyskole. Next up is Eirin. She is awesome. Among many fine traits, I admire Eirin for having the perfect balance of being mature when needed but creating simple childhood fun as often as possible. The examples are endless.

1) Eirin was responsible for discovering the "double rainbow" song on youtube and choregraphing a dance to it to perform in front of the whole school. Listen and watch here:

2) When Eirin had water poured over her head as a prank she wanted revenge. She decided to steal the clothes of the offending pranksters, and row five big garbage bags them out to an island in the middle of a lake. Then posters were hung around the school giving clues to where the offenders could find their clothes.

3) Eirin is a big Harry Potter, and has created a muggle version of quiditch using hockey sticks, hand balls and garbage bags instead of brooms.

4) One evening Eirin's class had to dress up as old people. She took the task the whole way and spent the whole evening in a office chair with wheels and spoke about her imaginary grandchildren.

5) She along with Ingvild and Mallin created the school's best leisure club; The cordial club.

6) Eirin can often be spotted drinking cordial out of a lion king cup and listing to the lion king soundtrack. "He lives in you!"

Glad i deg Eirin!

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