Saturday, January 1, 2011


The most hilarious photo I've seen this year!

My aunt took this photo of my brother and I last night, and I think it is bloody hilarious. Here's a bit of our Norwegian NYE. In 2010 NYE was spent up in the mountains, staying at my aunt and uncles holiday cottage. They have panoramic views of snow covered mountains and a huge frozen lake right in the middle of Norway. During the morning we took a short cross country ski tour, my second cross country tour ever! It was so windy that I put on some slalom ski goggles to keep the snow out of my eyes, and I still couldn't see more than 50 metres ahead. I pretended I was on the moon. It was completely flat, bright white and full of small craters. On the way back the wind was so strong that we could just hold our arms out and let the wind sail us along (azsum!). After skiing in the blizzard we retreated home for some mulled wine and ginger cookies with the neighbours. Then we prepared reindeer filets for dinner, we joked that Christmas is over, so now we can eat rudolf. The highlight of the day however was our hot tub experience. My uncle spent the whole day heating up the hot tub with fire wood, then at 11.50pm we put on our bathers, skipped through the snow and jumped into the hot tub. In Norway fireworks are legal, and the cottage is on the side of the mountain along with many other cottages, so we watched everyone else's fireworks while we relaxed and drank champagne. When it got too hot in the tub we jumped out and made snow angels. I was wonderful. It is also my brother's 19th birthday today. Happy Birthday Magnus!

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