Thursday, January 20, 2011

Norwegian Music Favourites

I have been wanting to share a selection of my favourite Norwegian artists for a while. Helped largely by hanging with muso Norwegian hipsters, I have been able to taste a wide range of music made by Norwegians. I hereby present a healthy mix of pop, rock, gypsy, classical and electronic from all over Norway.

First is Fjorden Baby a  indie band who reside in Bergen. They remind me of Temper Trap and of cute indie Fremantle bands. Their new video clip is pretty awesome, and they have the word fjord in their name! How cute is the little asian guy with his dancemoves! LOVE! To see the video clip to their new song Rendezvous, click here.

Here is  Kråkesolv  which translates to Crows' Silver. They are 4 boys from Bødo, a small town up in the north of Norway, where polar bears and trolls live. I like their soulful, cosy, homemade feel. Last night some of us cool kids from school went to a concert they had in Kristiansand, it was superb! They have such a nice balance of rock, relaxed and they actually sing in Norwegian which is surprisingly rare.

Susanne Sundfør is a singer songwriter from Haugesund on the western coast of Norway. We almost drive past where she lives each time we go to visit my grandmother. Her music is a mix of classical, jazz and electronic, topped off with powerful lyrics. She played in the Kristiansand cathedral early in the autumn, it was like going into a trance. The acoustics of the cathedral, the lights, shadows, and vibrations= super concert. Although it did feel a bit wrong to have a concert with such dark, heavy music in pure and holy place. Here is one of her most popular songs "The Brothel", from of album of the same name.

Another favourite of the moment is Moving Oss, a seven piece rock band from Trondheim. Sigrunn, Ane and I went to one of their concerts in October, they look hardcore; They are covered with piercings and tattoos, but they play warm, catchy, feel good music. The lead singer studied jazz at the same school I am at. One of us is sleeping in his old room! I couldn't find a good video clip but you can listen to them on myspace

And I couldn't forget Marika Lejon. The daughter of my Norwegian language teacher. She will be singing in the Norwegian semifinal of the Eurovision song contest on Saturday and my whole class is going along to support her. WHOPPA MARIKA! 

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