Sunday, May 1, 2011

The week that was

lion tooth
An unsuccessful fisherman
Defrosting on the rocks.
Welcomed colour
Ice pain as Ingrid. Clothes swapping at it's best.
First trip to the beach
Escaping the caravan park

I arrived back in Søgne on Wednesday after my very cozy Easter break in Sogndal and Volda. After only a week away the weather has turned from just bearable to sit outside into a spring paradise. Spring is officially here and we can finally enjoy activities that we could only dream of just a month or two ago. Gardens are filled with bright colours, trampolines have been brought out of the shed, morning coffee can be had out on the deck, the sun setting later and later each night. Norway in the spring and summer is magical.

The week that was:
Grilling sausages and drinking orange soda in the forrest.
Fish soup on the fire by the sea. Minus the fish as the boys didn't catch any. We had prawn soup instead.
Dressing up in each others clothes for the day. Hilarious.
Friday evening beers on the dock at the sea scout hut.
Getting lost in a caravan park and having to climb our way out.
Knitting the first 3cm of my first pair of socks ever.
Meeting a black metal dude from New Orleans in Kristiansand's crappiest bar, and getting told I have a good English accent.
Finally finding out the name of a song I couldn't find anywhere from my Hits for Kids 1997

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