Friday, June 24, 2011

The left side of B310

This is were I have lived the past year. Along with Andrea, my awesome room mate, who happened to come from the same town as my great grandfather (Asker) and have an insanely cool collection of amazing shoes.

B310 is where I learnt to knit, woke up to an amazing view every morning, ate Tim Tams that Alex T sent me, stored my secret stash of chai, did my norwegian homework and put into use the pink donna cover my grandma gave me.

I had to try not to wake Andrea up, as I almost always went to bed earlier and got up earlier, store the bottle of Poslish vodka Alex gave to me inside a dress and cope with a shelf which kept falling down.

B310 was also home to:
1) our pet plant Alberto, who managed to stay alive despite our neglect and many holidays from school, 2) my sheep jaw which I kept from my aunty Åse's sheep head party and 3) a a small bag of Guatemalan worry people which my mum sent me for my 21st birthday.

I miss B310.

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