Monday, June 27, 2011

Preikestolen, the pulpit rock

Above lysefjorden outside of Stavanger lies an insane rock formation known as preikestolen. It's a rock plattform that juts out from the side of the fjord and drops straight down 604 metres. It attracts thousands of tourists each year, and last week Mallin, Eirin and I were some of them.

Eirin and I met up in Stavanger and picked up some hiking essentails such as chocolate and a shrek pez dispenser. We then took a 40 minute ferry over to Tau, where Mallin picked us up and we drove up the the preikestolen hytte. In the car I received a present from Mallin's Mum, a tshirt which says " You can not get to the pulpit rock without visiting us" referring to the district they live in. Sweetest lady!

The weather was not totally ideal, quite foggy and a bit of rain. Then my thermos of hot chocolate leaked through my bag, and my tuna sandwhich was soggy. But no amount of soggy sandwich could take away from the fact that was totally amazing, an idyllic two hour walk through forrest, over rocks and mud with Eirin and Mallin cracking hilarious jokes and telling funny stories the whole way up. Mallin even convinced Eirin that there was a swimming pool at the top which sold icecream and hot dogs. Lol Eirin! When we got to the top we dangled our legs over the edge, pretended to base jump, and ate pez from Eirin's shrek dispenser. Afterwards we went back to Mallin's house and ate the most delicious homemade pizza. Awesome day.

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