Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I didn't do at Folkehøgskole

Not spending much time stressing out

In the 9 months I went to Folkehøgskole I never...
  1. Ate breakfast alone
  2. Took out the rubbish bins/ mowed the lawn/ washed any windows
  3. Answered a land line phone
  4. Walked more than 50m to visit my friends
  5. Spent more than 1hr in a sad mood
  6. Stressed out. At all.
  7. Swam at the beach
  8. Wrote an essay
  9. Curled my hair
  10. Got out of bed before 8am
  11. Went to bed before 11pm
  12. Drunk wine out of a wine glass
  13. Locked a front door. Actually had no use for any key and definitely not a key ring
  14. Fried an egg
  15. Sprang rundt i graset naskje og dansa
Next up... A list of all the awesome things I DID do! 

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