Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Q: Excuse me what time is it? A: ITS PARTY TIME

Last week I took a semi spontaneous trip to Oslo. I had thought about it, but I didn't book a flight before the night before. The aim was to catch up with Sigrunn, Ane, Tone, Nico and other folkehøgskole friends for the last time before I return to Aust-raaalia. Aim was completed. We ate pizza, drank beer, watched 13 years olds try to breakdance on the opera house roof, found bow ties in about 50 colours at the most awesome second hand shop, sipped café mochas, found my grandmas china in a hip antique shop, enjoyed the Norwegian midnight sun from Oslo's living room and ate eggs for breakfast. Party time indeed.

Drinking da mocha.
Rooftop romance.
An Oslo seagull.
Sweet tram driver.
Tone enjoys a juice in Oslos living room.
Sigrunn attractive as ever.
Blue skys behind the clouds.
Wouldn't want to meet hardcore Ane in a dark laneway.

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