Sunday, May 22, 2011

Awesome person I know: Ingrid

The first time I met Ingrid I noticed her edgy haircut and denim jumpsuit and thought she was way too cool. After going second hand shopping together, we found we share the tendency to be a little grandmotherish. We have therefore spent the last year drinking hot chocolate, eating microwave popcorn, Ingrid playing tetris while I knit socks, taking trips to the library, walks around the lake and watching late night episodes of sex and the city. 

On the not so grandmotherish side Ingrid is skilled at creating a party atmosphere. When we felt like staying in she managed to get us out on the town. Ingrid is the holder of the best way to get rid of sleazy guys in nightclubs. She lures them in to dance with her, but when they get to close she starts dancing in a way that nicely replicates an epileptic fit. They don't come back. It's hilarious.

Among other talents Ingrid is a skilled scrabble player, portrait drawer, lyrical dancer, poem writer, table tennis slayer, rebel, and a simply awesome friend. I will never forget all the amazing times we shared together at Folkehøgskole. I hope she becomes a french ambassabor, learns how to make porridge, keeps putting vanilla cream in her coffee, gets the world tetris high score and keeps being the beautiful person she is.

Kjempe glad i deg Ingrid!

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