Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dreaming of rosettas...

Might sound ridiculous, but one of the things I have missed most while in Norway is our coffee machine. I even got a kilo of coffee beans for christmas to try and dampen the coffee lusting. Still I can't wait to get back and start pouring some sweet sweet rosettas, trying out different beans and maybe doing some roasting of my own using the popcorn machine.

Some examples of Norway's incompetence. Don't get me wrong I still love Norway.

Norway has only just discovered the flat white. About fricken time Norway! The photo above is from a café advertising it's flat white "finally in Norway". No shit. All milky coffee in Norway before 2011 was a cappuccino or a latte.

I have had a couple of practice shifts at a cafe the last couple of days. The standards in coffee making are disgraceful!!! When I tried to suggest adjusting the (clearly way to coarse) grind, the boss patted me on the shoulder and told me the grind was perfect. "If the grind is finer the coffee will go through the filter basket"?!?!?! He had had 22 years experience. BANANASTICKS! Think he needs to get with the program.

Cappuccinos are served with cinnamon instead of chocolate. Ok actually not a bad idea. But...A cappuccino costs at least 35kr about $7. Actually insane. How can they do that to peoples wallets!

The local coffee shop as in "shop that sells coffee beans" keeps all their beans in clear crates which are not air tight. The whole city must be drinking stale coffee.

Miss you long macchiato,
xxx Hannah

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    rob should NEVER go to norway :P