Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Norwegian Constitution Day

Yesterday was 17. Mai,  the Norwegian national day, and that means PARTY TIME. 

After icing the cake and putting on our finest clothes we began the day family brunch. Lots of amazing food was in store; scrambled egg, smoked salmon, cheeses, prosciutto and even beer before midday. This was followed by three different cakes; enough to feed us for at least a week, keeping in mind that we were only 6 people. Then we headed into the Stavanger city centre where we saw the graduating class of 2011 (known as Russ) parade through the streets acting stupidly as is expected of them. The city was packed with people dressed in national costumes, eating ice cream and hot dogs, waving flags and celebrating jollily. Then family went for a midday coffee before finding a place on footpath to watch the "peoples' parade". In the peoples' parade there were over 100 different organisations from all over Stavanger who waved, marched, played instruments and danced. Among them we saw the shooting club, diving club, firemen, scouts, dancers, tennis players, karate, marines; pretty much every organisation possible! To finish off we had dinner with friends, and continued the celebrations. It was a fantastic day, but very tiring. Congratulations Norway!

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