Wednesday, May 18, 2011

En SUPER påske med Dr Vurn

This easter I was lucky enough to travel the west coast of Norway (the best part) and stay with my best friends from folkehøgskole. It was very chill. We slept to midday most days, ate pancakes, drank beer, played tetris and went for walks.

First Sigrunn and I visited Ingrid in Sogndal.
Highlights include:
-Flying into Sogndal and being amazed by the snow capped mountains and the stunning fjord.
-The night we were a little bored and dragged out Ingrid's dress up clothes and played scrabble in them. But before we knew it had taken off and turned into an 80's dance party for three.
-When we hit the town and went to the local nightclub (keep in mind that Sogndal only has 9000 inhabitants) it was hilariously sleazy, and all Sigrunn and I could to was to mock it and start dancing as sleazily as we could. I had a blast playing air guitar and doing the chicken dance.
-Visiting the Lerum cordial and jam factories. At school we have a club known as saft kveld på dagen where we drink cordial, so it was cool to see where the best cordial is made.
-The carrot cake
-Going to a football match and singing along to all the chants with the locals

Then it was to Sigrunn's hometown, Ane also came along for the last weekend.
- Falling in love with the local salami
- Getting treated to amazing meals cooked by Sigrunn's dad everynight
- Watching the most riduclous reality tv programs
- The huge easter egg
- Meeting all of Sigrunn's friends that she has talked so much about, and have seen everyday hanging on her bedroom wall
- Being the only ones under forty at a 80's band reunion concert
- Dancing with Sigrunn's friend Tone who I had never met before but had been friends for months on facebook with. Tone is the BEST dancer!
- Being woken up the next morning by Tone and Andreas and being asked how I liked my eggs
-Driving on the right (wrong) side of the road in Hildur's awesome purple car.
- Making pizza from scratch 
- Climbing a mountain; especially the part on the way up Ane dropped her jackets in a river and the part on the way down when Sigrunn faceplanted in the snow

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