Friday, May 27, 2011


Sandwiches. Bread with topping. Probably the worlds most famous convience food. They can range from super simple to ridiclously complicated. What I love is that everywhere you go in the world, you will find a  different version. In Spain I ate potato omlette "tortilla de patatas" on crispy white baguette and in Australia my favourite was chicken, cheese, avocado and cranberry on rye bread. In Norway you simply can't go past crackers "knekkebrød" with raspberry jam and brown cheese, as you can see modelled by Alex and Sigrunn is the photos above. The strange Norwegian combinations don't stop there.

Nico with his " manwhich"
Chicken liver paté, pickles, beetroot and mayonnaise 

Johan and his "manwhich"

Here are some of the new sandwhich topping combinations which I have been introduced to while in Norway.

My new favourite: Chicken liver pate, pickled cucumber, beetroot and mayonnaise
Ingrid's favourite; Tinned mackrel in tomato sauce
Sigrunn's favourite; Brown cheese and jam on knekkebrød
My grandmother's favourite; Cottage cheese and jam
Nico's favourite: The "manwhich"- every topping on offer in a sandwich
The average Norwegian's boring favourite: cheese, ham and paprika (lame if you ask me)

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