Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An awesome person I know: Ingvild

Ingvild is awesome. She is from Bergen, which may I say is my favourite city in Norway. If it didn't rain there everyday I would move there and drink Hansa for the rest of my life.

Knitting is one of Ingvild's favourite pastimes. She is always trying out a new style of knitting, a new pattern or a new type of wool. Many times has she tried to teach me how to knit socks, but I suck. I'll stick to my simple scarves for now. I had never met someone so passionate about cordial, I would say Ingvild is an ambassador for cordial. She is one of the founding members of the school cordial club. Each week she leads cordial drinking games and quizzes. As an initiation to the club we had to take a full strength cordial shot. It's awesome.

When not drinking cordial Ingvild can be found cursing at her computer. Not because she lost her work or doesn't have enough ram but because of a losing a game in tetris, The Sims or her favourite fishing game. I keep thinking something serious is happening with her computer, when actually an animated fish just died.

Glad i deg Ingvild!

P.S Ingvild is not a grandma. 

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