Friday, March 25, 2011

International Waffle Day

A day dedicated to celebrating one of the best inventions ever. Now thats a rad idea. Lets celebrate! For the last couple of years my food crazed friend Alex T has hosted a waffle breakfast. We must continue them when I am back in Australia! This year I learnt I new waffle recipe from my grandma. In Norway waffles are eaten with brown goats cheese or with sour cream and jam. Despite my initial confusion of using  sour cream on something sweet, I have been converted. Sour cream on waffles is actually the best. Happy International Waffle day!

Recipe after the jump.

Here is the waffle recipe my grandmother gave me. These little babies were found in the special "vaffle"edition of Norwegian women's magazine SE og HØR. The recipe came from the Copenhagen seaman's church. They have 2 raising agents, baking powder and baking soda. According to my grandmother it is important to mix the batter as little as possible after adding the natron. English version following the Norwegian version.

Vafler fra Sjømannskirken i København
6-8 vaffel plater
2 egg
1 dl sukker
2dl sjummelt kulturmelk
1 1/2 dl H-melk
1 dl vann
350 h hvetemel
1 ts bakepulver
1 ts vanilje sukker
1/2 ts natron
1/2 ts kardemomme
125g smeltet smør 

1)Visp egg og sukker og 1.5 dl kulturmelk
2)Bland inn vekselvis det torre, vann, melk og smør
3)Bland i den siste 1/2 dl kulturmelk blander inn natron
4)la natron bruse ferdig
5)ikke rør mye etter natron er tilsatt
6)la røren svelle litt før steking

Waffles from the Seaman's church in Copenhagen
Makes 6-8 waffles
2 eggs
100g sugar
200ml skimmed sour milk1 

50ml fullcream milk
100 ml water
350 gm flour
1 ts baking powder
1 ts vanilla essence
1/2 ts baking soda
1/2 ts cardamom
125g melted butter

1) Wisk egg and suguar and 150mls sour milk
2) Mix in dry ingredients, water, milk and butter
3) In the remaining 50mls of sour milk mix in baking soda
4) Wait until the baking soda stops fizzing
5) Add baking soda BUT, don't mix the batter after the baking soda has been added
6) Let the batter rise a little before cooking the waffles

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