Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An awesome person I know: Sigrunn

A while ago I was taking to my folkehøgskole friends about the array of possibilities of things I could write about on my blog. We came up with the idea that I could write about all my awesome new my friends. So today I begin my new blog segment: An awesome person I know.

Sigrunn is awesome. She is a pro at enjoying the simple things in life, for example she makes up the best stories, songs, and philosophical quotes about life. An example of this was my birthday when I received a painting from Sigrunn which read "Life is like a banana, it's yellow". She also has a talent for laughing at ironic, random and unusual things that happen in everyday life. Sigrunn is capable of laughing for many hours in a row, often at things that only she finds funny. I live directly above her, and sometimes she laughs so loud I can feel the vibrations of her laughter through the floor.I also don't think I know anybody more accomplished at pulling funny faces for photos, she could probably publish a book about them.

Sigrunn is also known for her stylishness and has a way with acquiring clothes from everywhere and everyone. Sometimes she can have clothes borrowed from five different people on at the same time. Sigrunn brought a skate board all the way to Folkehøgskole. Now that spring has come and the ice has melted off the roads she has become our skating teacher. By the time we leave here we are all going to skate like Tony Hawk!

Other cool facts about Sigrunn include: she has only been to the hairdresser twice in her life, likes knekkebrød with jam and brunost, and gets really excited everytime "Jon and Kate plus 8" comes on tv.

Sigrunn, jeg er glad i deg!

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