Thursday, March 3, 2011

First thoughts on Stockholm

After quite a messed up journey, I finally arrived in beautiful Stockholm this afternoon. I got on the 7.30 plane from Stavanger to Oslo. Oslo was covered in fog, and the "fog reading machine" (or whatever gadget needed to fly through fog) on our plane was broken. So we had to fly all the way back to Stavanger, then get on a new plane and fly back to Oslo. Lucky for me I had 3 hours transit in Oslo, and my plane from Oslo to Stockholm was also delayed, so I managed to get on my connecting flight. Unfortunately my backpack did not. So now I am crossing my fingers that my bag will arrive later this evening so I can at least have a sleeping bag and some deodorant. Thanks to Sigrunn's mummy I am having a mini tour around the Swedish parliament tomorrow and I want to look and smell respectable. 

Anyways apart from a rocky start I am loving Stockholm. Here are my first observations.

  • Stockholm is has a big city feel, which no Norwegian city has.
  • Russian style fur hats are big in Stockholm.
  • The people are very friendly; they actually say hi when you walk into a shop!
  • Swedes are more stylish than Norwegians, by far.
  • Swedes make better coffee than Norwegians, and possibly know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. 
  • Nose piercings are so hot right now.

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