Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Søt Mormor

This week I have been in Husnes visiting/chilling with my sweet 89 year old grandma (or in Norwegian: mormor) . We watched the nordic ski championships on tv, walked to the shops to buy some local sausages, made sourmilk waffles and upgraded our geography skills with a ole good study of the atlas. Did you know Lybia is much larger than Tunisia? The nature around Husnes is breathtakingly beautiful, and my grandma has the most amazing view out her window; colourful wooden houses scattered over the valley, snowcapped mountains, a glistening fjord. At 89 Mormor is amazing, she totally independent, makes delicious dinners for herself every night, knits socks, makes jams, buns and cakes, and is a crossword master. Cheers to mormor!

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